Challenges for #NowWhat Hack

In the fall of 2017, tens of thousands of women in Sweden shared their experiences with sexual abuse under the #MeToo hashtag. This highlighted a serious social problem and from the frustration and the urge to change, #NowWhat was created.

#NowWhat is a hackathon, where individuals meet to come up with concrete and innovative solutions for the prevention of sexual harassment and abuse in our society.

All material on this site is based on desk research and expert interviews for the purpose of providing participants of the #NowWhat hackathon with material and insight.

Challenge 1: Night Life
The night belongs
to everyone
Challenge 2: Men & Culture
Challenge 3: Help & Support

Bring help to everyone who needs it

Challenge 4: Children & Teens
Everyone deserves
a safe childhood
Challenge 5: Workplace
Respect at
the workplace